September 18 - 20 (Friday through Sunday) Faith Family Weekend! Hope to see you there! More information is available on the church website. 
September 24 (Thursday) Youth Group @ Church, 6 - 7:30 PM
September 30 (Wednesday) Youth Group @ Church, 6 - 7:30 PM
October 3 (Saturday) Youth Group Missions/Service Opportunity at Love Hill Farm in Allenwood, PA
October 8 (Thursday) Youth Group @ Church, 6 - 7:30 PM
October 18 (Sunday) All Church Worship at Love Hill Farm and Fall Festival (10 AM through the afternoon)
October 28 (Wednesday) Youth Group @ Church, 6 - 7:30 PM
October 31 (Saturday) Halloween Transform the Night event @ Church, 5:30 - 8 PM

A OneMeal food packing event is being held at Love Hill Farm in Allenwood to pack food for impoverished children in Haiti.  Please click on the following link to learn more about OneMeal:  OneMeal
Date: Saturday, October 3.
Travel: We will leave the church parking lot at 9:15 AM and travel in the church van. The youth can also drive to the farm or be dropped off by their parents. They should plan on arriving at the farm by 9:45 AM. 
Time: The packing event will take place from 10 AM until 12 Noon.  
Dress: Please dress for the weather and be prepared for changing conditions. No flip flops or open toed shoes. It's a work event and we don't want anyone injured. 
Travel Home: We plan to be back at the church at 12:30 PM.
Cost: There is no cost to participate.
Registration: We need to be prepared with enough seats for travel and adult chaperones. Please have your youth (or you) register by emailing me at or by texting to 570-447-2310. Once registered, you will also receive a permission slip.


(Grades 6 - 12) 

Effective Youth Ministry...

Is a bridge from parental spiritual formation (I believe because my mom and dad believe) to adult missional discipleship (I believe because I have investigated the options and have chosen to believe and follow Jesus Christ.)

♦ Provides spiritual formation for teens not raised in an intentional Christian environment.

♦ Continues to reinforce spiritual formation while introducing the tension of critical thinking - the process necessary for the development of genuine and defendable belief and discipleship.

♦ Builds belonging (group identity, acceptance, affirmation, and inspiration) through relational depth.

♦ Promotes healthy pay-it-forward inclusiveness for young and new youth group members.

♦ Provides opportunities for meaningful service and sacrifice.

♦ Engages students in study, activity, and service that seeks to guard, develop, and deploy the 5 investments:  

  1. Heart / Emotional
  2. Mind / Mental
  3. Soul / Spiritual
  4. Strength / Physical
  5. Relationships / Relational

So what happens at a Youth Group gathering?  These things always happen:

♦ Teaching

♦ Prayer

♦ Thanksgiving

♦ Fellowship

♦ Jr. / Sr. Breakouts

♦ Food

And sometimes these things happen:

♦ Goofy Games

♦ Special Speakers

♦ Crazy Activities

♦ Crafts

♦ Team Trivia

Don't Miss It!


Students have the opportunity to be part of the church family on Sunday mornings during either of the celebration services.  Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the worship service.  The youth are actively part of the church.  They can be found volunteering in children's ministry, serving on the worship team, and taking part in other church projects.  


Special events and activities are held throughout the year.  We participate in the Northeast District events such as the Fall Nighter (October/November), Excel (March), District Youth Camp (July), and Follow (every 4 years).  Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to attend off-site fellowship events.  In the past, our students have served with Habitat for Humanity, attended concerts, music festivals, conferences, and have served with several local community organizations.