An Introduction 

Wesleyans believe that God has given us four guides for developing our faith:

This is a prioritized list. That means that everything is to be measured against the Word of God – and if the Word of God speaks clearly and completely on a topic then we do not need to go any further.

There are many topics that the Bible leaves open for interpretation. In these instances, believers must be very careful to consider each guide as they develop their beliefs.

As Wesleyans, we understand that genuine believers will sometimes come to different conclusions. As such, we accept Christians who hold to differing beliefs as brothers and sisters in the universal Body of Jesus Christ. In Jesus and in His redemptive work, we are one.

At the local level, we find that unity in belief is necessary for fellowship and for effective work in the mission. We strongly encourage every established believer to seek a church that generally agrees with their beliefs. This effort saves time that would otherwise be wasted in unnecessary debate and division.

That being said, We also encourage believers to keep seeking truth. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Our beliefs need to be open to challenge and we must keep sharpening those beliefs. In other words, we must never stop growing and learning. 

The following links will guide you to more information about the beliefs of the Wesleyan Church: